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Fill Construction Jobs with Veterans

Although the U.S. construction industry is growing at a healthy pace, there are challenges facing the industry. A lack of skilled workers coupled with retiring baby boomers means attracting younger talent is imperative to fill construction jobs. The solution? Hire veterans. Many transitioning servicemembers possess the desirable skills, and many executed or managed construction projects… Read more »

How to Leverage Government Relocation When Hiring a Transitioning Veteran

One of the most common questions I receive when speaking with employers is, “How can I find solid local candidates to fill my open roles?” If you’re looking for a very specific skill set or background, it can be challenging to find the right job seeker in your area. Many employers don’t have the budget… Read more »

5 Tips from World Class Teams for Recruiting Military

As the days of summer begin to wane, leaves will soon drop from the trees in the fall and the seasons will change. A sure sign of the new hiring season is the competitiveness around employment offers and the increase of employers seeking hiring assistance. The war for talent is heating up. If you are not… Read more »

How to improve offer letter efficiency

The title of the third item on Bradley-Morris, Inc.’s Client Best Practices list is “Speed Kills (The Competition)”. However, being quick to close the deal can lose momentum if your process does not allow for getting the written offer letter out promptly. Some candidates are fine with a verbal offer, but more and more are… Read more »

The Two Most Common Recruitment Marketing Mistakes Companies Make when Trying to Attract Military Veterans to their Company Website

If improving how you are recruiting military veterans is on your list of diversity initiatives for the coming year, you need to know that there are two common mistakes many companies make when trying to attract military veterans to apply through their company web site. First, let’s start with a definition. The term “bounce rate”… Read more »

Fortune magazine article on the value of recruiting military talent

Fortune magazine ran a good piece regarding what many readers of are already aware of: The high return on investment of recruiting military talent for roles in corporate America. These lines sum up the article: “Veterans reentering the civilian workforce are increasingly finding a warm welcome. That’s especially true for young officers who have… Read more »

Creative Ways to Recruit Veterans to Your Workforce Part 1: Internships

I hear it time and again – the number one reason employers cite for not actively recruiting military veterans to their workforce: “I’m not sure they have the skills we need.” The reality is that most employers and recruiters don’t have familiarity with the breadth and depth of jobs we have in the military. What… Read more »

Recruiting Military Case Study: Atkinson

I’m posting another case study regarding an employer who has had success hiring military: Atkinson. “Due to an increase in public works funding, Atkinson Construction needed a reliable source for engineers, estimators, and site superintendents.   Hardworking, intelligent, imaginative and a willingness to learn are just a few of the qualities that Atkinson Construction looks for… Read more »