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Background And Experience In The U.S. Military

In the upcoming issues of MTN, we will be listing everything a service member needs to know about transitioning, from A to Z. This month, we tackle “K” and “L”. “K”: Know your value Your background and experience in the U.S. military gives you the highest recommendation as a leader, organizer and achiever. Make sure you… Read more »

After-The-Military Life

If you’re like most military spouses, or currently transitioning ones, or retiring ones, you’ve been keeping up with the news of late and you’re concerned. Should you crawl back under the covers and hope this is all just a bad dream? Of course not. You do here what you’ve always done that has facilitated your… Read more »

Post-Military Life

Your post-military life can be important to discuss during what we call The Talk. “In the end, the timing of The Talk is irrelevant. The important thing is to have it in the first place and use it as a starting point for making your career transition together a successful one.” It doesn’t have to… Read more »

Supplemental Education and Training for Military

Whether to pursue supplemental education and training for military is a question many veterans must consider. Do an inventory. List all post-high school formal and informal academic, professional, and technical training. Indicate whether or not courses were completed, degrees were conferred, licenses were issued, certificates were awarded, or requirements were met. “Is additional education appropriate… Read more »

Military Job Seekers

Bradley-Morris answers questions from transitioning military job seekers. Q: There’s a company that I’m interested in working for with several positions posted on their website. Can I apply for all the positions that interest me? Will it work against military job seekers? Find answer here.

Military Community

Whether you are anticipating another PCS move or a major military-to-civilian career transition for whatever reason, change is going to happen. “The winds of change within the greater military community are certainly stirring. Sequestration, once thought to be a simple deterrent to inaction, is quickly becoming an all too in-our-face reality.” Read full article here.

Hiring Military Candidate Profile: Marty Abbott

This article profiles a military-experienced job seeker, Marty Abbott, who has gone on to a varied and distinguished career. Abbott also advises those considering the military-to-civilian transition to carry their unique commitment to duty from the military into their civilian jobs. “That dedication to mission that service members have is a definite plus in the… Read more »